Bonnie and Clyde

We on the run y’all. We all in. We may fail, we may lose, but we all in. We can’t stop. We on the run…

Bonnie and Clyde were known for their reckless criminal lives. They killed people and cops, robbed banks and gas stations and they did it with such a romantic style that it became one of America’s greatest love stories. But why do we admire them? Why do we envy their love? Was it their love for adventure? Was it their disregard for law and order? Was it their level of commitment for each other when faced with “whateva.”

When I told Sonya that I wanted to buy a truck for hauling all of our gear. She was convinced that I had bumped my head. She wondered, “How could this sophisticate flip on being an art collector, sports car enthusiast, bar hopper, and purveyor of fine wine and so suddenly say, “I don’t want to do anything but glamp.”” I spent months proving to her that I was sincere in my convictions. When we went to buy Frank, the previous owner was just as suspicious of my desires. He asked some strange questions about my parents whereabouts and my intentions with his Land Cruiser. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was asking for his daughters hand in marriage!! Eventually I convinced him that we were just admirers of the venerable Land Cruiser and we brought Frank home. I honestly don’t know if I slept that first night thinking of the places we would go, the people would meet and the serenity I could find. Sonya, an avid camper herself, bought into my growing enthusiasm. The lifestyle changes happend quickly and glamping became our favorite conversation with friends. All things considered our friends just were not interested in our new life. If I’m being honest, they were probably being polite and thinking that this would pass in a few months. Little did they know...We can’t stop. We on the run...

We all have our levels of commitment and what we think we would do for the love of our life. But in the failed clutch of circumstance…would you? Would you really die for them? Would you have their back? Would you be “all in?” If I’m being honest, in our early years of our marriage neither of us was “all in.” There was a limit to our love. We just didn’t know it. Today, we go hard in the paint for each other. We rush to assist each other, check-in, and genuinely give love freely and often. We are learning to Say Yes to each other more often. Saying yes to each other is about achieving a deeper commitment that is steeped in being vulnerable and trusting. Saying yes is about selflessness and understanding (even when you don’t). Sonya is down for whateva as long as I hold her hand. And I’m down for whateva as long as she holds mine…real life Bonnie and Clyde. We on the run y’all. We all in. We may fail, we may lose, but we all in. We can’t stop. We on the run…

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